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  • Thursday, February 24, 2000
  • موات اللغة
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  • Afterwards, here are some lexemes that the author of "Al-A’yn" rated them as dead. He was followed by a number of linguists in this respect. He also said that the Arabs paid no attention or they completely eliminated such lexemes or even they left it out getting by with something different from which we -today’s generation- do not have anything about it. All of those lexemes were left out from our up-to-date Arabic as it was before. It is no longer used, and it is neglected as well as many other expressions beside it like the immemorial or age-old expressions which are considered as unfamiliar or barbarous.

                Perhaps, the linguistic duality that modern Arabic language witnesses and the transformation which affected the way of living have an opulent as well as observed contribution on emphasizing such negligence or carving after accepting it, because each word or expression has its own environment where it can live and grow or it may die and extinct.

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