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  • Tuesday, February 24, 2004
  • The Kufic Orthography
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  • The primary purpose of this research is to investigate, collect, organise and bring out the Kufic rules of orthography. The research totally consits of Al- Aara'a's views; most of these rules represent the Kufic perspectives since he is one the pioneers of the Kufic grammarians whom the Kufic doctrine was built upon their viewpoints.

              The researcher demonstrates that Al-Frar'a has valuable rules of orthography on the one hand, and solitary rules of writing on the other e.g., using "alif" instead of "Ya" in abbreviated nouns and writing all configurations of  "hamza" over an "alif". Some of these solitary rules serve the advocates of the simplification and reform of Arabic orthography in their search for justifications that may help them overcome the difficulties and pitfalls of Arabic writing.       

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