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  • Tuesday, February 24, 1998
  • ما تعدد فيه النقل عن الفراء
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  • It seems , from the previous evidences , discussions and from        Al-Farra’s texts , that the grammarians and the copyists and editors of the ideologies have tended to falsificate Al-Farra’s thought as a result of their remoteness from his texts in most cases . What comes before is just a distorted view to what was attributed to Al-Farra’s of which he is clear . Such view is drawn upon strong evidences and not on mere postulations because of the availability of Al-Farra’s books . On the other hand this view shows a confused and dark side of the study of syntax . Henceforth , there is need for revealing such falsification and plagiarism .

    The controversialities and fancies in the same scholar’s ideology is an    obvious characteristic of distortion in grammarians and whatever copied from them . However , the wide gap between the scholars themselves , the reliance upon the narrated opinions of the scholar without viewing his books , the plurality of opinions of the same scholar and his going back on his words , the unavailability of his compilations , the numerous followers of the scholar or even the multiplicity of them , some of these or all together could be the reason for the existing confusion and inaccuracy in copying Al- Farra’s thoughts and reviewing his beliefs

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