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  • Tuesday, February 24, 2004
  • Sequencing and its Effect on Arabic Syntax
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  • The significance of sequencing is manifested syntactically by the fact that two things follow each other; and one thing substitutes the other. If one  is used, the other ceases to be valid. Therefore, it is incorrect to integrate the sequent and the one which is sequenced, but one of them should definitely be in use.  Sequencing is one of the terms that are widely used in resource books of grammarians' on which grammarians depend, and they interpreted - on the light of sequencing - a set of syntactical issues.

                This research endeavors to survey and bring together the syntactical issues which were interpreted in terms of sequencing  to illustrate them and to clarify the concept of sequencing and its effect on Arabic syntax. The research demonstrate that grammarians resort to sequencing;  they treat it as a reason to support and defend their doctrines. The research also demonstrate that the phenomenon of sequencing is not an object of consensus to Arabic speakers and grammarians.

                Grammarians differ among themselves in terms of accepting  or rejecting sequencing as an interpretor or director of the  syntactical issue. All issues in this research reveal the vastness of Arabic patterns and explain the delicacy in the syntactical theorization.

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