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  • Saturday, October 23, 2004
  • Insertion and Deletion of Feminine "Ha"
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  • This study approaches partial issues of one of the Arabic categories. The entirity of these issues nearly originated a reading that almost attracted the attention of the Linguists and grammarians towards the insertion and deletion of the feminine marker "ha" in deminutive feminine nouns.

    The study has detected the forms and shapes of the structures of the feminine nouns when they are deminutivated in terms of inserting and/or deleting the "ha". The study has also found out that Arabs have certain purposes and reasons for doing that. The grammarians, united and sometime in variance, tried to comprehend and search  for these purposes. Moreover, the study has proved that inserting "ha" into deminutive feminine nouns has benefited the grammarians  a lot in creating a number of linguistic principles.

    I have tried, as much as possible, to trace and coordinate those issues, search for relevant viewpoints concerning them and explain them as far it is necessary.

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