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  • Thursday, February 24, 2005
  • The Effect of Speech Length on Syntactical Interpretation
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  • The Effect of Speech Length on Syntactical Interpretation


                This study aims at surveying speech length in Arabic linguistic structure in order to define its effect on the syntactical interpretation by collocating the relevant linguistic issues that were interpreted depending on that length and which were subject to its influence and consequences. The study has shown that such a length has a clear bearing known to the grammarians who depended on it, as mush as the could, to interpret grammatically a set of issues that constitute a comprehensive desire through which speech length seems to have a visible, non disclaimed impact on the production of the theory of syntax, in addition to the fact that speech length was one the evidences that grammarians rely on in their interpretation, justification and elucidation in order to unfold some secrets of the Arabic linguistic system.

                This study has also demonstrated that the effect of speech length within syntactical interpretation was many–sided. It was difficult to omit some elements of a structure for the sake of brevity. This means that speech length looks as if it is a relict of what was dropped or omitted resulting to a strong linguistic structure. Finally, the study has proved that some issues within the scope of speech length are object of dispute and disagreement; and that there is some kind of relationship between speech length and other evidences adopted by grammarians in their syntactical interpretation.

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