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  • Tuesday, December 2, 2003
  • The Principles Based on Overusage According to Al-Farra`‎‏ ‏in the Light of his Book (Ma’ni Al-Kor’aan)‎
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  • The intent of this research was to examine the concept of overusage according to AL-Farra` through picking up the linguistic phenomena that he subjucated to the domination of usage and / or overusage and surveyed them interpretably so that he might support his doctrine and construct his principle. The research also brought into view that AL-Farra` was a precursor in admitting that language is subjucated to the effect and interference of usage on directing what was on everybody`s lips or what was frequently used or repeated for the more a thing is overused or is plain in meaning, the mild it will be in speaking and it will become much more permissible than any others.

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