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  • Tuesday, April 21, 1998
  • Syntactic Separation Features and Causes
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  • The objective here is that the flexibility of structure characterizes Arabic. This flexibility produces diversity and expansion in Arabic patterns. The partition between two linguistically correlated structures is one feature of linguistic diversity. Yet the grammarians adopted two inconsistent attitudes. The first is positive, good and conceivable to the extent that the Arabs adopted it much widely than other attitudes, and it became widespread in Arabic language. While the other attitude was negative, bad and mean. The Arabs tried to restrain it and to confined what the language made expanded through rejecting many features of distinction. Those features do not. through rejecting many features of distinction. Those features do not coincide with what they consolidated or what is built upon their saying: the more connection between the two parts increases, the more separation between them becomes repulsive. Such aspect, in the sentence, is only confined to the poetic license. But the total distinctions whether they are good or bad, stand for assertion which illustrates speech, reinforces it positively or negatively and adds goodness as well as manifestation.

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