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  • Thursday, February 24, 2005
  • Plurals which do not have singulars
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  • The purpose of this research was to survey the plurals that the Arabs did not articulate their singulars or use in their speech, consequently; the plural appears without its singular, or it came in such a way that differs when used as singular in order to gather and arrange them alphabetically in a core of linguistic dictionary of plurals.

              The research showed that there were some reasons for the differences between the plural and its singular and that Arabs` abstaining from using the singular forms of these plurals was not due to incapability or  incompetence, but because they got along with something else in their language or that existed in large amounts in their speech. The research also showed that many of these plurals were controversial and Arab scholars assumed, in many cases, some singulars even if they were not used.     

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