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  • Tuesday, December 2, 2003
  • Syntactical Opinions of Al-Khalil in the Sight of “Al-Ain Book”‎
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  • This paper presents a number of significant signs of clear contrast and complete opposition between a set of opinions of the writer of “Kitaab Al-Ain” and those of Al-Khalil Ibn Ahmad. This opens up an opportunity to a new call for the verification of Al-Khalil’s attribution of “Kitaab Al-Ain”. So as to achieve this, the researcher relied on laying the material of “Kitaab Al-Ain” before the syntactical points of view attributed to Al-Khalil in “Al-Kitaab” for ‘Sybawaih’ or any other grammar books, in addition to some scholars’ obscurities concerning the ownership of “Kitaab Al-Ain” presented in the introduction of this paper.

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