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  • Monday, May 18, 2009
  • What Does Israeli Democracy and Humanism Mean!!! - Dr. Yousef A. Haq
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  • On last Thursday Apr, 30 The UN report, commissioned by the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) called on Israeli authorities to freeze pending demolition orders, as well as ensure proper urban planning that will address the housing crisis of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, as part of its obligations as an occupying power. The report said " The Planning Crisis in East Jerusalem: Understanding the Phenomenon of 'Illegal' Construction," addresses the housing crisis for Palestinians in East Jerusalem due to the lack of adequate urban planning by the Israeli Jerusalem municipality, which controls East Jerusalem and the everyday life and housing needs of Palestinians.Though Israel occupied East Jerusalem in 1967, along with the West Bank and Gaza Strip it considers the eastern half of the city part of its "eternal, undivided capital." About 28% of Palestinian homes were built in illegal way according to Israeli occupation orders which allocated only 13% of EAST JERUSALEM aria for buildings of Palestinians who are counted more than 225 thousands and in the same time it allocated more than 33% for buildings of Israeli colonizers who are counted 195 thousands only.
    Now there are about 1500 Israeli demolition orders have been issued in East Jerusalem which means that ,if implemented, more than 9000 Palestinians, half of them are children, will be displaced and become homeless. More than that, If Israeli demolition policy continues in East Jerusalem, it will displace about 60000 Palestinians within no more than one year.

    In fact any one who is following Israeli policy in its occupation Palestinian lands since 1948 war can understand easily the real meaning of Israeli democracy and humanism, it just means discrimination against Palestinians, confiscating their lands, demolition their homes, damaging their towns and cities and deporting or killing them. In other words, Israeli top democracy and humanism just means ethnical cleansing of Palestinian people!!!!

    It is said before that " SOME LOVE IS KiLLER, we can say now " Some DEMOCRACY IS KILLER"!!!!!!
    isn't funny ????? _________________

    For more details plz review
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