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  • Wednesday, June 17, 2009
  • President Obama:You have been silent about things that matter in Cairo.....Dr. yousef A. Haq
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    Dear president,


    Excuse me for taking some minutes of your valuable time in reading this short letter, i was so encouraged to write to you as i  heared you saying in Cairo "we must say openly to each other the things we hold in our hearts….."    I will not go in long discussion of your speech in Cairo, I just want to write some little words about  critical points which you were silent about it in Cairo cause i know that you know the deep meaning and the details of these issues as you really are intellectual and educated person.


    First,  you were silent about asking West to take his  responsibility on  Holocaust through solving  their persecution of Jews on their lands   land not on Palestinian land in which  Jews were living in dignity and peace before colonialist Zionism invasion of Palestine, this situation exactly is  as some kill but  others are jailed, noted that you  have talked  much about historical Islamic-West relations and noted also that  this point is the beginning of Palestinian Catastrophe( Nakba) which is the core of  tension between Arabic and Islamic peopl, and West in recent history.


    Second, you were silent about Zionist gangs invasion and ethnical cleansing of Palestinians people which was supported by British colonialism in 1948 as Israeli distinguished Prof. Ilan Pappe has recently said, noted that this invasion deported about 75% of Palestinians outside their own homes and land who are  now counted about 5 millions although you were so fluent in talking about Holocaust which I do  condemn it as most humanized humans do.


    Third, you were silent about the UN resolutions number 181, 194,  which they give Palestinian people their legitimacy rights to have their own independent state and to return to their original own homes  from which they were expelled by force of Zionist gangs, noted that these rights are the core of peace and also noted that Israel international legitimacy as state is  derived  from those resolutions.


    Fourth, you were silent about Israeli occupation of  rest of Palestine  (West bank and Gaza strip) in 1967 Israel war noted that UN till now considers West bank and Gaza strip Occupied Palestinians Territories and USA was involved in this war as Charles de Gaulle had said to Algerian ambassador  according to distinguished  Egyptian journalist Haikal.


    Fifth, you were silent about the right of occupied people to resist occupier by political, economical and militant way according to the principles of charter and resolutions of UN, and talked about only   non- violent resistance, if Canada for example occupied state of West Virginia would you ask your people in this state just to use non- violent resistance against occupier?  


    Sixth, you were silent  about last  Israeli phosphoric war on  Palestinian people in Gaza which lasted about 3 weeks  killing more than 1400 Palestinians more than  half of them children and woman and damaging every thing even UN centers  though you  talk much about Palestinian primitive shells which threaten Israeli sleeping children using  the same Israel terms " Rockets".


    Seventh, you were silent about Palestinian human rights in Israel though you talk much about your supporting  human rights in every where, in the same time you said that " America's strong bonds with Israel are well known, this bond is unbreakable".


    Eighth, you were silent about the situation when Israel wouldn't live up to its responsibilities of implementing its obligations as it is in road map.


    Ninth, you were silent about Israel nuclear power though you talk seriously about Iran nuclear power.


    I know that answering these questions and making concrete plan to  deal with Palestine Issue  need deep thinking and more time, but I write to you this letter cause I do believe that you have ability to change on the ground of freedom, justice and  honest  knowledge, justice can't accept neither Israeli occupation of Palestinian land nor Israeli refusing to implement UN resolution 194 that asks Israel to enable Palestinian refugees to return to their original own homes from which they were expelled by force of Zionism and Israel.


    Lastly but not lately, we all know that my people is so tired from  occupation, persecution and war, it is in need badly  to change and   you have the ability and the opportunity to do that, just let us remember together prophet of humanism Martin Luther King Jr. saying:   " Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter

     Thanks for your patience.  

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