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  • Tuesday, October 13, 2009
  • The impact of Israeli Industrial Zone on Environmental and Human Health in Tulkarm City
  • Published at:Proceedings, 2nd International Conference on the Palestinian Environment,An-Najah National University-Nablus- Palestine,P196,2009
  • Abstract:


    The present study was conducted on 2471 subjects ( 250 families) residing in the west of the city of Tulkarm and on 1896 control subject group (200 families) in an urban area within the same district. The main aim was to evaluate the impact of air pollution resulting from the Israeli industrial zone based on the west of Tulkarm city on human health .

    Among the study group disease related symptoms for respiratory , skin and eye symptoms were represented by 7.6% 4.2% and 3.5% ,respectively . In comparison , disease related symptoms among the control group were represented by 2.4% for respiratory tract, 4% for skin

    and 3.5% for eye.

    Differences in the prevalence rates of disease related symptoms were

    significant between the two  studied groups especially for respiratory

    disease related symptoms with a P value of 0.002.

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Suleiman Ibrahim Al-Khalil
Biomedical Scientist,
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