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Suleiman Ibrahim Al-Khalil

Biomedical Scienctist,FIBMS,CCHEM MRSC,

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  • Sunday, July 5, 1992
  • Qualitative Analysis of metronidazole in Pharmaceutical Dosage forms by Reverse-Phase High—Performance liquid Chromatography.
  • Published at:Proceedings of the first Palestbiiaa Chemical Conference July 1992,
  • Suleiman I. Al_Khalil*, Al4 I. Abu Zuhri**, Mohammed Hannoun** and Hind Hasna**
    * Medical Laboratory Sciences Departmert, Faculty of Science An-Najah National Unversity, Nablus, West Bank.
    ** Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, An-Najah National University, Nablus, L1est Bank, VIA ISRAEL.


    A high performance liluicF Chromatography method for metronidazole determination in pharmaceutical dosage forms has been described. The method is simple, accurate and rapid. The excipients present. in various forms did not intefer with the assay procedure.

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Suleiman Ibrahim Al-Khalil
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