An-Najah Blogs :: Suleiman Ibrahim Al-Khalil An-Najah Blogs :: Suleiman Ibrahim Al-Khalil en-us Fri, 30 Oct 2020 11:54:56 IST Fri, 30 Oct 2020 11:54:56 IST The Role of Scientific Research Centers in Support of Innovation and Research in Palestinian Industry ArticlesOrganized By: Palestine Academy for Science and Technology Place: Palestinian Red Crescent RamallahThe Antibacterial activity of Aqueous Extraction of Petroselinum crispum(Parsley) and Rhus glabra (Smooth sumac) ArticlesThroughout history Parsley Teas have been used mainly as kidney stone bladder infection and jaundice medications as well as digestive aids Smooth sumac used to treat a large number of ailments particularly mouth and throat sores burns to control diarrhea and to promote urination The Antibacterial activity of parsley Petroselinum crispum and Smooth Sumac Rhus glabra leaves aqueous extract were examined using agar disc diffusion methods against six bacteria Bacillus subtilis Staphylococcus aureus Escherichia coli Proteus mirabilis Klebsiella pneumonia Pseudomonas aeruginsa The extract of both plants had inhibitory effect at various concentration 4 5 7 for sumac and 15 2 for Parsley against both Gram and Gram - Based on these results of this study both plants could be considered as potential antibacterial agents which confirms their use in folk MedicineUrinary Tract Infection (UTI) among young school girls in Nablus District Articles Urinary tract infections UTIs usually occur as consequences of colonization of the periurethral area by a virulent organism that subsequently gains access to the bladder The prevalence rate of UTI varies with age and sex Due to their anatomy women especially young develop the conditions much more often than men An important risk factor in girls is antibiotic therapy which disrupts the normal periurethral flora and enables the growth of pathogenic bacteria The prevalence of UTIs in young female in Nablus was conducted about 280 urine samples were collected from 5 female elementary schools in Nablus district Jammaeen Beta Al Zenabia Abd AL Raheem Mahmoud and Asker school and processed for routine and culture analysis Our Results showed that the ratio of infection ranges from 10-16 depending on the hygienic and self- clean of young females 8-12 years old Knowledge and practices of pesticide use among farm workers in the West Bank, Palestine: safety implications Articles Objectives The objectives of this study were to assess the knowledge and practices associated with pesticide use in an agricultural community in Palestine and to determine the prevalence of self-reported health symptoms related to pesticide exposure Methods In this cross-sectional questionnaire study agricultural farm workers in Nablus district Palestine were interviewed on their knowledge and practices of pesticide use Comparisons of knowledge and practices of pesticide use between various groups were performed using the MannWhitney U-test or the KruskalWallis rank test of variance The program of the Statistical Package for Social Sciences SPSS version 15 was used for data analysis Results The questionnaire was completed by 381 farm workers The mean ageSD of the participants was 388118years The majority 979 of the participants were male The mean participant scores for knowledge and safety procedures were 2832 out of 8 and 9824 out of 15 respectively There was a significant positive correlation r=0323; P0001 between the knowledge and safety procedure scores Unsafe behaviors were identified as the storage of pesticide products at home the preparation of pesticides in the kitchen inadequate disposal of empty pesticide containers eating and drinking during pesticide application and using inadequate protective clothing The most frequent self-reported toxicity symptoms associated with pesticide use were skin rash 375 headache 37 excessive sweating 249 and diarrhea 213 There was a strong significant negative correlation r=083; P0001 between self-reported toxicity symptoms and scores for protective measures Conclusion The results of this study indicate that most farm workers in this district need more educational programs regarding the safety and use of pesticides Legislation promoting the use of safer pesticides is also neededThe impact of Israeli Industrial Zone on Environmental and Human Health in Tulkarm City ArticlesAbstract: The present study was conducted on 2471 subjects 250 families residing in the west of the city of Tulkarm and on 1896 control subject group 200 families in an urban area within the same district The main aim was to evaluate the impact of air pollution resulting from the Israeli industrial zone based on the west of Tulkarm city on human health Among the study group disease related symptoms for respiratory skin and eye symptoms were represented by 76 42 and 35 respectively In comparison disease related symptoms among the control group were represented by 24 for respiratory tract 4 for skin and 35 for eye Differences in the prevalence rates of disease related symptoms were significant between the two studied groups especially for respiratory disease related symptoms with a P value of 0002The Antibacterial Activity of Aqueous Extraction of Zingiber Officinale ArticlesSuleiman AlKhaliI Majdi Dweikat Marah Al-Koni and Shada MenaweMedical Laboratory Sciences Department Faculty of Science An-Najah National University Nablus-PalestineEmail: alkhalilnaiahedu AbstractThe medicinal plant Zin giber officinalo which is used in folk medicine in Palestine for the treatment of gallstone decrease joint pain from arthritis treating nausea inflammation treatment weight loss and detoxification Many studies have shown the antimicrobial activity of organic extracts of Z officinale therefore it has been decided to study the antibacterial activity of aqueous extract of this herb on wide range of G- and G bacteria The aqueous extracts of Z officinale were tested for their antibacterial activity the results obtained will be discussedNutritional status among An-Najah university Students ArticlesAbstract We found that the levels of Hb among students coming from the western of Jenin areas Qalqilia and refugee camps and those coming from rural areas were significantly lower than 11gmdl Daily food consumption of those students were limited to junck foods chips cola and sweets Those who are most affected were students who had to reside in Nablus due to difficulty to return home on daily basis especially those female students Factors Affecting the Occurrence of Type II DM In Nablus City ArticlesNoha Kamal Ibraheem El- BarbariSupervisorDr Suleiman Al KhalilCo- SupervisorDr Ali ShaarAn-Najah National University Abstract Type II diabetes has been described to have an epidemic-like spread all over the world with special emphasis on countries experiencing the transition to western lifestyleDiabetes Mellitus affects more than 14 million cases In the US And is the leading cause of new blindness and kidney disease Diabetes also causes nerve disease heart disease and stroke each year At least 19000 people die from diabetes and its complicationPeople with higher than average risk Of type II diabetes are those who are over weight and people who are not physically activeAbout 317 people over the age of 35 were selected from Nablus community to participate in this study Study participants were examined for type of work diet and the extent to which they are involved in physical activity They were also examined for weight height fasting blood sugar and blood pressureSPSS software was used to provide descriptive and cross- tabulation analysis of collected data the also relationship between the risk factors to develop type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and one or more of lifestyle patterns was examinedAlmost all result was consistent with findings of international literature especially those related to the neighboring countries like Saudi ArabiaA conclusion of our study confirms that: Diabetes Type II can be prevented as in all other studies about the subject There is a significant relation between lifestyle diet and occurrence of Type 2 Diabetes Even though level of general education for study sample was good knowledge bout the disease was very low Males demonstrated to be more susceptible for type 2 diabetes than females of the same age group in the sample studyThe Breast Cancer Status In The Northern Part Of West Bank ArticlesSuleiman I Al-Khalil And Ahmad Zaki Al Haj QasemPublic Health Program An-Najah National UniversityMinistry Of Health PNA- Nablus AbstractBreast cancer is the most common from of malignancy in females in the West Bank The incidence rate of breast cancer in West Bank is three times that it was 1970s This increase may be partially explained by the improvement of health services specially in reporting and diagnosis of the disease But these factors related to this increase This study aimed to assess the status of breast cancer in West Bank especially in the Jordan and Israel This study also aimed to assess the risk factors associated with this rapid increase especially in the northern part of West Bank Eighty breast cancer patients at the Cancer Center at Al Watani Hospital at Nablus city were interviewed for this purpose Our results indicate that this risk is associated to reproductive and menstrual factors breast-feeding age at first childbirth and use of oral contraceptive pills Our results also indicate that smoking and family history is associated with the disease incidenceAntibacterial Activity of {Khellin} in Different Crude Extracts From ArticlesSuleiman Al KhalilLbna Al- SharifAn-Najah National University AbstractThe objectives of this study on Ammi visnaga fruits were to extract the most active ingredient Khellin in different methods conditions forms to obtain different crude extracts with different properties that contain Khellin in various proportionsWe extracted khellin in impure form by n-hexane: MeOH procedure; in which we changed n-Hexane proportion time of mixing with plant powder sterilized in 10 DMSO gave good results at Broth dilution method of fresh preparationsAlso we aimed from this project: authentication these results by detecting presence of khellin on TLC that showed the presence of Khellin in high proportions at different crude preparations but in impure form The most advanced eluient wasEtOASc: CHCL3 60:40 vv in comparison to EtOAc-eluent alone although it appeared in conjunction to visnaginThese results should encourage continuous researches gather the efforts to be directed towards the importance of herbal medicine in our area due to: high number of herbal plants great diversity of active ingredients Like Khellin in Avisnaga which it contains to help in many ailments and diseases treatment at this centuryType 1 Diabetes Mellitus in Northern Palestinian ArticlesSuleiman Al- Khalil Ali AL - Sha ar and Majd Asad M Abu - Au Public Health ProgrammeAn - Najah National UniversityNablus I Palestinealkhalil@ najah edu Abstract:In Palestine studies on diabetes and diabetic patient were limited With respect to type 1 diabetes no available data of any nature is available The cuteut study aimed at evaluating the effect of health setvicrs provided by governmental clinics on type 1 diabetic patients in the northern parts of the West Bank areaAll cases enrolled at the diabetic centers of the cities of Nablus Jenin and Tulkarm were interviewed and the data was collected using a specially designed questionnaire A total of 100 cases representing all admitted cases over a period of 1 year September 2000 - September 2001 were enrolled Data was analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences SPSSThe finding of the current study showed that the study population was distributed as follows 51 from Nablus Diabetic center 31 from Jenin center and 18 from Tulkam center Equal representation for both males and females was observed with a mean age of disease onset of 495 years It was also found that 20 of the study population reported to have first degree relative with diabetesAmong the study population 84 were reported to have episodes of hypoglycemia while 96 were reported to have episodes of hyperglycemia as complications associated with the diseaseABSTRACT ArticlesSuleiman AlKha1i1 Zahi TurabiMohammed Musmar Sami Yaish ABSTRACT: Two medicinal plants - Rosmarinus officinalis and Ruscus aculeatus which are used in folk medicine in Palestine for the treatment of gastrointestinal tract were investigated for their antispasmodic activity Methanolic extract aqueous extracts at pH=3 and 9 and total oil for both plants were tested for their antispasmodic activity In-vitro testing using organ bath system by observing any direct effect on isolated rabbit ileum The main active ingredient in R officinalis was isolated purified identified and tested for its spasmolytic activity Different extracts of both plants methanolic aqueous total oil oil- free extract and pure compound Rf=0 11 from Rosmarinus officinalis were able to inhibit the spontaneous contractions of the rabbit ileum Inhibition concentration for different extract and PD2 value for pure compound Rf =011 from Rosmarinus officinalis were measured The inhibitory effect of Roymarinus officinalis extracts was found to be mediated via muscarinic receptors while that of Ruscus aculeatus was found to be mediated via adrenergic receptorsRadical-nucleophilic substitution (SRN1) reactions. Part 7. Reactions of aliphatic -substituted nitro compounds Articles-Nitrothiocyanates R2CSCNNO2 have been prepared by oxidative addition of thiocyanate anion to nitronate anions and undergo SRN1 substitution reactions by loss of thiocyanate with nitronate anions phenylsulfinate azide and p-nitro- and p-chloro-benzenethiolates in dipolar aprotic solvents 2-Nitro-2-thiocyanatopropane and other 2-substituted-2-nitropropanes [Me2CXNO2 with X=I Br Cl NO2 PhSO2] react with thiolates by SRN1 reactions andor redox reactions to give disulfides by a polar abstraction or chain SET SET2 mechanisms The products are dependent on the nucleophilicity of the thiolates the polarisability of the -substituent the solvent and the presence of light catalysis radical traps or strong electron acceptors 2-Substituted-2-nitropropanes [Me2CXNO2 with X=N3 NO2 CN p-NO2C6H4NN] undergo SRN1 substitutions with thiolates by loss of nitrite 2-Substituted-2-nitropropanes Me2CXNO2 and thiolates only yield disulfides in methanol due to solvation of the nitro groups Extractional - Spectrophotometric Determination ArticlesALl Z ABU ZUHRIj WOLFGANG VOELTER2 SULEIMAN AL-KHALILAND IMAD SALAHAT1 AbstractMethods for spectrophotometric determination of fenbendazole and ornidazde are described The methods are based on the formation and extraction of the ion-pair complex formed between bromothymol blue and either fenbendazole FBZ or ornidazole ORN The extracted coloured complexes absorb at 416 and 446 nm respectively The effect of different factors eg pH organic solvent reagent concentration extraction time shaking time and common interfering species have been investigatedFenbendazole and ornidazole can be determined over the range 12 to 240 ppm and 55 to 770 ppm respectively The precision of the methods was tested for the determination of pure samples of FBZ and ORN and the mean RSD was found to be 30 and 23 for FBZ and ORN respectivelyElectrochemical study on the determination of tinidazole in tablets ArticlesThe electrochemical reduction of tinidazole has been carried out in aqueous solution in the pH range 18113 by differential-pulse DP polarography Tinidazole exhibits one or two reduction peaks depending on pH In strongly acidic solution pH45 one reduction peak was obtained and it was suitable for analytical purposes A method for the determination of tinidazole by DP polarography in BrittonRobinson buffer of pH 30 which allows quantification over the range 003730 gml was proposed The method was successfully applied to the determination of tinidazole in tablets with mean recovery and relative standard deviation of 987 and 3 respectively Excipients did not interfere in the determination Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis Volume 21 Issue 4 December 1999 Pages 881-886 EFFECT OF ROSMARINUS OFFICINALIS EXTRACTS ON ArticlesSuleiman Al-Khalil3 Zahi Turabi 2 Mohammed Musmar3 and Sami Yaish Abstract The shrub Rosmarinus officinalis Lfamily lamiaceae is evergreen plant reaching 1-1 5m in hight with thick lanceolate and dark green leaves and a amall whitish or pale lilac flowers 123 The shrub has upright branches and tough blunt-ended The plant grows wild on the hills of the West Bank1 Phytochemical investigation of R officinalis resulted in the isolation and idenification of a number of compounds These include diterbenoids 4-7 flavonoid glucuronides 5 carnosol 406 rosmandol epirosmanol 4 and urosolic acid6R officinalis has been used in folk Medicine in the Arabian region as a diuretic agent comforts the brain sharpens and refreshes the memory stimulates and strengthens the body after an illness or when one is exhausted treats gastrointestinal as well as headache 8910 Therefore it was decided to study the effect of different extracts of this shrup on the contractions of isolated rabbit ileumSpectrophotometric determination of enzymatically generated hydrogen peroxide using Sol-Gel immobilized horseradish peroxidase ArticlesPeroxidase entrapment in different Sol-Gel matrices was successful The enzyme did not show a decrease in activity for at least 2 months as well as storage at room temperature and dry condition for periods exceeding 3 weeks It was evident that the enzymatic activity was a function in the type of the alkoxysilane precursor In addition the optimum temperature which resulted in maximum enzymatic activity was also dependent on the type of Sol-Gel matrix Excellent results were obtained for the determination of glucose in serum samples using soluble glucose oxidase in conjunction with the Sol-Gel entrapped peroxidase The enzymatically produced hydrogen peroxide is oxidized by the entrapped peroxidase yielding oxygen which oxidizes the faint blue variamine blue into the intensely violet colored species the molar absorptivity is about 18 104 1 mol1 cm1 The characteristics of this chromogenic system as well as optimized conditions for its use in the spectrophotometric determination of enzymatically generated hydrogen peroxide were investigated Excellent agreement between the results obtained by the proposed method and the widely used standard method utilizing a commercial reagents kit was always observed Talanta Volume 44 Issue 11 November 1997 Pages 2051-2058 Anti Tumor Agents and Cytotoxic Activity Of alpha - Methylene Lactones of Plant Origin ArticlesSulciman AI-KhaliI and Brian A MarpicsMedical Laboratory Sciences DepartmentAn Najah N University and Chemistry DepartmentUniversity of Technology Loughborough England AbstractIn the search for anti tumor activity large numbers of amethylene -y-butyro-lactones have been tested and some of these include; Eapachiorim Eapacunin helanalin vemomenin Elephantopin and vernolepin all these are of plant origin and have been tested and found to have some cytotoxic activityHowever It has been suggested that the chemical combination of u-methylene lactones with a steroidal or hormonal carriers moiety could provide a mean of obtaining chemotheraputic agents which might be tumor site specific for breast or prostatic cancer A number of biologically active steioidal a - itiethylene lactones and their structural activities will be discussedMetabolic Studies of 4-Hydroxy-Pyridine-4-ones Chelating Agents in Biological Fluids by RP-HPLC ArticlesSuleiman AlKhaIil RB Hider S Singh and Ola Epemola1edjca1 Laborator Sciences Department An-Najah National University Nablus and xDepartnlent of Pharmacy Kings College London University of London AbstractSufferers of Haemoglobinopathic disorders who are dependent on regular blood transthsion become heavily iron overloaded as a result of the lack of effective excretory mechanisms for excess iron in human The only drug presently available to aremove excess body iron is desferrioxamine DFO For maximal efficacy this drug has to be adminstered by daily subcutaneous infusion The 3 - hydroxy pyridine - 4 - ones are currently one of the leading candidates for development as orally active alternatives to DFO Metabolism of CP2O CP94 and CPIO2 was studied by analyzing rat bile urine and serum samples after administration of these drugs Major and minor metabolites were identified by ineais of RP-HPLC Chrornatographi analysis was carried out using a Hypercanb porous graphitised carbon HPC column 10cm x 046 cm The mobile phase was 14: 86 vv AcetonitmileNaH2PO4 buffer and detection was by UN at 280 mu The method proves to be sensitive and selective for CP 20 CP 94 and CP 102 and their metabolites in rat biological fluidsMicrobiological Screening of the Environments of Two Hospitals in Nablus ArticlesBoth blood agar and MacConkey plates were used for the isolation of bacteria from the environments of two hospitals in Nablus Pseudomonas aeruginosa Escherichia coli and Staphylococci were isolated from saline solution kept in glass bottles for washing and cleansing wounds suction machines respirators endotracheal tubings oxygen pumps and sinks Alcaligenes odorans was isolated from the suction machines and Dettol solution Aeromonas species were isolated from deionized water and sinks the implications of these findings were also discussedLaboratory Diagnosis of Brucellosis Using the Slide and Standard Tube Agglutination Methods ArticlesBoth the rapid slide and standard tube agglutination methods were used for the diagnosis of 112 blood specimens for Brucellosis We found that 56 of the patients have a titer 1:20 while 33 have a titer 1:80 We found that the rapid slide agglutination method correlates well with the tube agglutination methodReyersed—Phase High Performance Liquid ChrQmatography ( RP-HPLC ) of Synthetic Ni tro Den vati yes With Antimi crobial Activity. ArticlesSulejman I AlKhalilMedical Litboratory Sciences DepartmentAnNajah National UniversityPO Box 7 West Bank AbstractA series of synthetic aliphatic and aromatic nitro derivatives with antimicrobial activity were studied by reversed Phase high performance liquid chromatography using spherosorb 5 OD S PU ColumnRPC18 A wide range of retention times were obtained The ceacity factor for the majority of these compounds were K 1 which means they are resolable under conditions used Methanol Water50:50 VV at 25c and flow rate was 1 ml nun in every runShort Communication: The Effect of Organic and Aqueous Extracts of Salvia Fruticosa on Intestinal Motility ArticlesThe effect of organic methanol and ether extracts and aqueous neutral Acidic and basic extracts from the leaves of Salvia fruticosa on the spontaneous contractile activity of the rabbit ileum was studied Both Organic extracts were found to inhibit the spontaneous activity of the rabbit ileum and inhibit acetylcholine induced contractions On the other hand aqueous extracts did not show any effect The effects of a series of organic solvent extracts on the ileum were studiedQualitative Analysis of metronidazole in Pharmaceutical Dosage forms by Reverse-Phase High—Performance liquid Chromatography. ArticlesSuleiman I Al_Khalil Al4 I Abu Zuhri Mohammed Hannoun and Hind Hasna Medical Laboratory Sciences Departmert Faculty of Science An-Najah National Unversity Nablus West Bank Chemistry Department Faculty of Science An-Najah National University Nablus L1est Bank VIA ISRAEL AbstractA high performance liluicF Chromatography method for metronidazole determination in pharmaceutical dosage forms has been described The method is simple accurate and rapid The excipients present in various dosge forms did not intefer with the assay procedurePolarographic assay of Ranitidine Drugs in Pharmaceutical Formulations ArticlesA simple accurate and rapid method for the quantitative determination of five ranitidine drugs in pharmaceutical formulations Tablets and Ampoules is proposed The supporting electrolyte was acetic acid-sodium acetate buffer solution pH 52 An excellent linear relationship was obtained between the concentration and current with correlation coefficient 09996 Good agreement was obtained between the results with the dc polarograhic method and those by the manufacturers method of assay Analytical Letters Volume 21 Issue 10 October 1988 pages 1845 - 1853Effect of Teucrium polium boiled leaf extract on intestinal motility and blood pressure ArticlesJournal of Ethnopharmacology Volume 22 Issue 1 January 1988 Pages 111-116Electrochemical Reduction of Metronidazole and Its Determination in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms by D.C. Polarography ArticlesA simple dc polarographic method has been developed for the determination of metronidazole in dosages forms In Robinson - Britton buffer pH 438 and in presence of 160 10-3 Triton X-100 the drug produced a well defined 4-electron polarographic wave followed by another wave of about half the height of the first wave The current is proportional to the concentration and permits the drug to be determined by dc polarography in the concentration range 50 10-5 -70 10-4 M Results obtained by the proposed method are in excellent agreement with that provided by the USP-XX method A rapid sensitive and accurate polarographic method for the determination of metronidazole in the tablets which are produced locally is proposed Analytical Letters Volume 19 Issue 3 4 1986 pages 453 - 459Radical-nucleophilic (SRN1) reactions. Part 4. Preparation, reactions, and electron spin resonance studies of -nitro azides Articles2-Azido-2-nitropropane and 1-azido-1-nitrocyclohexane have been prepared by syntheses involving intermediate radicai-anions SRN1 and oxidative addition SRN1 Reactions between -nitroazides and azide benzenesulphinate and p-chlorobenzenethiolate proceed with loss of nitrite The SRN1 reaction between 1-azido-1-nitrocyclohexane and the anion of 2-nitropropane proceeds with loss of azide Reactions between 2-azido-2-nitropropane and the anions of 2-nitropropane and diethyl ethylmalonate yield oxidative dimerisation Esr spectroscopy has been used to observe electron-capture by 2-azido-2-nitropropane and its dissociation to nitrite and an ill-defined radical which may be Me2CN3 The addition of benzenesulphinate and the anion of 2-nitropropane to Me2NO2 formed by a minor dissociation route from [Me2CN3NO2] has been observed by esr spectroscopy Mode of action of the antimicrobial compound 5-bromo-5-nitro-1,3-dioxane (bronidox) ArticlesThe mode of action of the antimicrobial agent 5-bromo-5-nitro-13-dioxanebronidox was studied in detail for gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria yeast and fungi Thestudies included MIC testing thiol inhibition of activity intracellular leakage oxygen consumptionincorporation of 3H-uridine scanning electron microscopy inhibition of enzyme activity papain andin vitro oxidation of thiols to disulfides It appears that the primary mode of action of bronidox isthe same as or similar to that of bronopol ie the oxidation of essential protein thiol causing inhibitionof enzyme activity and subsequent inhibition of microbial growth