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  • Friday, January 1, 1982
  • Type and Position of Adjunct Questions: Their Effects on Memory and Application.
  • Published at:IDD&E Working Paper No. 7.
  • This study examined the effects of the type of adjunct questions (use-a-generality, remember-a-generality, and remember-an-instance) and the position of these questions either before the relevant text passage (pre-questions) or after it (post-questions) on the three corresponding performance levels of learning. The subjects were 74 eighth-grade students at a suburban school in Syracuse, New York, and the materials for the learning task consisted of an approximately 450-word passage selected from a social studies textbook for this grade level. Six different treatment groups were used, with each group receiving adjunct questions which varied as to performance level and placement of the questions. The results were analyzed separately for each level of performance as well as for the total test score. None of the effects reached significance for any of the subtests. These results suggest that, in order to optimize learning, the position of the adjunct questions must be taken into account as well as the type of question to be used. An 18-item reference list is provided.

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