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  • Friday, November 28, 2008
  • The Role of Japanese Universities in Enhancing the Japanese Tolerance and Sensitivity to Other Nations Cultures
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  •  A paper presented at the Middle East Group Study Program 2008, Final Presentation Session \\\\\\\"Development and Societies\\\\\\\", Sponsored by JAPAN FOUNDATION, Tokyo, Japan, November 28, 2008 (Friday).

    This paper proved how, through their curriculum, teachers, and cultural activities universities in Japan help to create cultural tolerance. Universities, as social organizations are playing a vital role in this regard. The universities have the potential to contribute in shaping the cultural tolerance and sensitivity that will foster respect for life, appreciation of diversity, commitment to sustainable development, social justice, and participation of people in shaping their own destiny and peace.

    The political level support given to the Japanese universities. The linkage between Japanese tolerance and sensitivity to other nation\\\\\\\'s cultures and the global position that Japan\\\\\\\'s incumbent are explored as well in this paper. Primary data are gathered through field trips and intensive interviews with the representatives of a purposeful Japanese universities sample.

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