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  • Wednesday, December 1, 2010
  • The Impact of Customers Information Management on Organizational Performance and Competitive Advantage: A Field Study of Palestinian Corporations
  • Published at:An-Najah University Journal for Research - Humanities (B) Volume 25 , Issue 1 , 2011, Pages: 221- 254
  • Abstract: This study aimed at explaining the role of customers\\\\\\\' information management in improving organizational performance and competitive advantage for Palestinian corporations listed in Palestine Securities Exchange. Customers\\\' information management included three dimensions; customers\\\\\\\' information acquisition, information quality, and information utilization. Organizational performance was operationalized in terms of market share, sales growth and profit margin compared to previous year. While competitive advantage was operationalized in terms of some competitive indicators relative to competitors. This study was based on two main hypotheses related to the potential effect and relationship of customers\\\\\\\' information management on organizational performance and competitive advantage. The study population included all corporations listed in the Palestine Securities Exchange.                  A representative simple random sample of (33) corporations was selected. 

    The study concluded the followings:

    ·        A strong and statistically significant relationship was found between customers information management and the dimensions of organizational performance, collectively, and individually with the exception of sales growth dimension, a significant correlation with the efforts of customers information management was not found, while there was a strong influence of customer information management on the growth of market share, and profit margin for the Palestinian Corporations.

    ·        An important and statistically significant relationship was found between information management and organizational competitive advantage.

    ·        Companies were not likely to make a good use of customers information as compared with their efforts of acquiring and ensuring the quality of this information. 

    The study made some recommendations aiming at increasing the awareness of corporations regarding management of customer information as an organizational asset.

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