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  • Saturday, August 7, 2010
  • Information technology and customer preferences of commercial banks in Jordan
  • Published at:Egyptian Journal for Business Studies
  • Abstract

    Research study the impact of information technology variables on Jordanian customer preference towards Commercial Bank, which deals with, in order to encourage and assist banks to adopt a modern management and marketing philosophy which will help them to achieve their objectives and support capabilities and competitive advantages. The study sample included (400) bank clients, randomly selected of commercial banks customers operating in the Greater Amman Municipality, and after analyzing the data it was found that ATM service, rely on modern communications technology, building databases, and the link between the different branches of banks, in addition to services provided through different Visa cards, the use of ATMs of other banks were to affect the customer\'s preference of the Commercial Bank, and has not been affected by the possible provision of banking services over the telephone, or through the Internet, or the use of SMS technology.
    The study recommended that banks need to keep pace with modern technological developments, which have not yet use such as providing banking services through the Internet and the future impact that will have with the increasing prevalence of this service, and increase the effectiveness of banking services based on the current information technology such as ATMs, branches link, and the Visa cards.


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