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  • Saturday, April 1, 1989
  • Isolation of keratinophilic fungi from floor dust in Arab elementary and preparatory schools in the West Bank of Jordan
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  • Floor dust collected from classrooms of thirty three elementary schools (16 for girls, and 17 for boys) (children aged 6–11), and twenty four preparatory schools (13 for girls, and 11 for boys) (children aged 12–14) was studied for the occurrence of keratinophilic fungi with respect to human presence and age of children. Tichophyton mentagrophytes was present in 15.4% of the preparatory schools for girls, in 12.5% of elementary schools for girls, and in 11.8% of elementary schools for boys. It was not found in preparatory schools for boys. Microsporum gypseum was found in preparatory schools for girls only (7.7%). Trichophyton terrestre was also only isolated from elementary schools for boys (5.9%). Chrysosporium species were present in 30.3% of all elementary schools (10 schools/33), and in 20.8% of all preparatory schools (5 schools/24). Geotrichum candidum was the most frequent and predominant keratinophilic species in all schools. Pathogenic and potentially pathogenic keratinophilic fungi comprised a large proportion of all fungal isolates recovered from all schools ; they comprised 87.2 %–89.5 % of all fungal isolates in the elementary schools, and 90.4%–93.5% of all fungal isolates in preparatory schools.


    Mycopathologia, Volume 106, Number 1 / April, 1989

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