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  • Sunday, June 1, 1986
  • A Study of Tinea-Capitis in Jordan (West-Bank)
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  • Between January 1983 and October 1984, 425 cases of tinea capitis were clinically diagnosed in the West Bank of Jordan. These comprised 38% of all dermatophytosis cases seen during the same period. The number of tinea capitis infections varied with season, the highest numbers occurring in winter and spring months and lowest numbers occurring in summer months. Females accounted for about 60% of scalp infections. Specimens from 302 tinea capitis cases were cultured and 217 isolates of dermatophytes were recovered. Trichophyton violaceum was found to be the most common aetiological agent accounting for 49.8% of total isolates. Microsporum canis was the next most common aetiological agent accounting for 31.8%; zoophilic isolates including this species comprised about 38% of all isolates.


    J Trop Med Hyg. 1986 Jun;89(3):137-41.

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