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  • Monday, March 1, 1999
  • Isolation of Pythium Acanthicum, P. oligandrum, and P. periplocum from Soil and Evaluation of Their Mycoparasitic Activity and Biocontrol Efficacy Against Selected Phytopathogenic Pythium Species
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  • Mycoparasitic Pythium species with spiny oogonia were surveyed in 50 Palestinian agricultural fields subject to different cropping practices using the Sclerotia Bait Technique (SBT) and the Surface-Soil-Dilution-Plate method (SSDP) with the selective VP3 medium. The mycoparasitic Pythium species were obtained from 21 (42%) soils using the SSDP method and from 37 (74%) soils using SBT. Pythium acanthicum and P. oligandrum were isolated by both methods, whereas P. periplocum was isolated only by the SBT. Using a newly modified dual plate culture method (MDPCM), the three mycoparasites showed varying antagonistic performance against several Pythium host species under a range of in vitro conditions. However, P. periplocum and P. oligandrum were found to be active biocontrol agents against P. ultimum, the damping-off organism of cucumber. This pathogen was antagonized, on thin films of water agar, by the three mycoparasites, and was moderately susceptible to P. periplocum while slightly susceptible to P. acanthicum and P. oligandrum. In direct application method in which antagonistic mycoparasites were incorporated into peat/sand mixture artificially infested with P. ultimum under growthroom conditions, Pythium oligandrum and P. periplocum (at 500 CFUg−1) significantly improved seedling emergence and protected seedlings from damping-off. In the seed coating method, biocontrol by two types of seed dressing (homogenate- or oospore coated seeds), was comparable to that achieved by direct application.


    Mycopathologia, Volume 145, Number 3 / March, 1999

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