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  • Tuesday, April 1, 2003
  • Osmium(VIII)-Catalyzed Oxidation of Some Cyclic Amines by Potassium Hexacyanoferrate(III) in Alkaline Media: a Kinetics and Mechanistic Study
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  • Reactions of morpholine, piperidine, and piperazine with Os(VIII)-catalyzed hexacyanoferrate(III) in alkaline media to produce the corresponding lactam have been studied at constant temperature and ionic strength. The reactions followed first-order kinetics with respect to [amine] and [Os(VIII)] but were independent of [Fe(CN)6 3-] and [OH-]. The effects of introduced electrolytes, potassium hexacyanoferrate(II), relative permitivity, and temperature have also been studied. A mechanism accounting for these results has been proposed.


    Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Volume 39, Number 4 / April, 2003


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