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  • Wednesday, March 25, 2009
  • النماذج البدئية وتجليات الحضور والغياب في قصيدة محمود درويش
  • Published at:مجلة اربد للبحوث - جامعة اربد الأهلية
  • This paper was an attempt to critically and mythically read a modern poetic text. To this end, the researcher dwells on the original prototypes in the poem, subject of the study, and extracts symbols, and point out to their significance. In addition, the researcher illustrates the revelations of absence and presence in Darwish’s poem. In this poem, Darwish was able, through the moment of his father’s death, an original moment, to delve into his personal experience and mix it up with the national experience and make both experiences moments of observation linking two eras or times: private and public, past and present. Darwish made of the father’s double  personality , the real father, and the Canaanite father, an artistic means to juxtapose the two times. The absence of the past led to the absence of “I” and “we” and resulted in presence of the “Other” (Jew) who has stolen Darwish’s past and present. Darwish reacts by trying to abrogate the Other’s time and deny it, and create a new time by looking at a beautiful utopian past and rendering it a moment of death, a moment of resurrection and life through which his divine father unites with his god of earth and the poet becomes embodied in his son …. so that all stand in the face of the “Other” and the homeland defends itself by itself with all its children and its sky.

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