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Haleama Hasan Al Sabbah
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Gent University/ Belgium
Research Area:
Public Health Nutrition
Attended Conferences:
 2008, November 19-20: Children Have No Place in War. In Co-operation and With Support from ChildWatch International. MENA Child Research Network For \\\"Children under Difficult Circumstances\\\". Kempinski Hotel, Amman, Jordan.

 2007, September 18-20: Setting an ethical agenda for health promotion. Gent University, Gent, Belgium.

 2006, November 12-14: Health Behaviour for School aged Children (HBSC) meeting. Lausanne, Switzerland

 2006, June 8-10: Health Behaviour for School aged Children (HBSC) full meeting. Budapest, Hungary.

 2006, May 29-31: Researching Children and Childhood in a globalised World. Norwegian Centre for Child Research, Trondheim, Norway.

 2006, April 26-27: MENA Region Arab Research Network with Support from Childwatch International. IRCKHF Premises, Amman, Jordan.
Abstract Presentation: Nutritional Status of Palestinian Adolescents: Impact of Local and Global Policies.

 2006, April 12-13: The Second Conference of Jordanian Medical Schools, The Third Conference of Arab Society of Medical Faculties. Under the Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Muna Al-Hussein, Jordan University of Science & Technology, University of Jordan, Mu’tah University, Hashemite University and King Abdullah University Hospital . Irbid, Jordan.
Abstract Presentation: Diabetes Self-Management in Rural Palestinian Community.

 2005, August 1st : The First Medical and Health Sciences Conference. An-Najah University. Nablus, Palestine.
Abstract presentation: Diabetes Self-management in Rural Palestinian

 2005, June: International Childhood Conference. Oslo University. Oslo, Norway.
Abstract presentation: Lifestyle, nutrition and physical activity among Palestinian adolescents.

 2005, May. HBSC Conference. Health Behaviour for School aged Children (HBSC). Gozo, Malta.
Abstract presentation: food habits and physical activity patterns among
Palestinian adolescents.

 2005, February: Child Nutrition in Israel and Palestine – Seeking Joint Initiatives. Funded by Tuft University, USA.

 2005, February 7-9: Chairperson for the Working Group on Behavioral Change and Communication.
Presentation: the Palestinian experience with BCC.

 2004, January 12-16: The Scientific conference on Nutrition Programs: challenges & opportunities, Funded by USAID, Amman-Jordan.

 2003, September 22-24: Improving Children’s Well-Being Now to Ensure A better Future Tomorrow, conducted by Palestinian National Authority, Ministry of Planning (NPA)- Secretariat of the National Plan of Action for Palestinian Children. Supported by Canadian International Development Agency. Ramallah, Palestine.

 2002, August: Nutrition Survey –2002, Press Conference on the Survey Results. Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS). Ramallah, Palestine

 2000, May 12: Global Health in the 21st Century; Challenges in Health Research, 1st Annual Student Scientific Conference (ASSC) of the Centre for International Health, University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway.
Abstract presentation: Diabetes Self-management in Rural Palestinian

 1999, December 15: Poster presentation: In connection with the 20th anniversary of the North-South Cooperation at the University of Oslo. Oslo, Norway.
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Haleama Hasan Al Sabbah
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