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  • Thursday, February 22, 2007
  • Food habits and physical activity patterns among Palestinian adolescents: findings from the national study of Palestinian schoolchildren (HBSC-WBG2004)
  • Published at:Public Health Nutrition



    To describe the food habits and physical (in)activity patterns and to



    Design and subjects:


    The Palestinian Health Behaviour in School-aged Children






    Adolescents in the West Bank consume more fruit, meat, chicken, sweets and


    soft drinks, but less vegetables than adolescents in Gaza (


    P ,0.01). Girls reported more daily consumption of fruit, vegetables and sweets than boys (P ,


    0.001), and less consumption of soft drinks, milk, meat and chicken (P , 0.01). Boys were physically more active than girls (P , 0.01), whereas girls reported doing more homework



    P , 0.001). Both boys and girls reported less physical activity with increasing age (P , 0.001). Consumption of fruit and milk was positively associated with both  parents’ education, while consumption of meat, chicken and soft drinks was positively associated with mother’s education only. Having breakfast on schooldays was positively associated with the father’s education. Physical activity and television viewing were associated with the mother’s education (P , 0.01). The parents’ level of  education had no effect on vegetable consumption and dieting status.




    This study indicated that there are problems with Palestinian adolescents’  eating, dieting and physical activity. Regional, gender and parental socio-economic status differences should be taken into account in developing interventions. More detailed studies are needed with more elaborate instruments about food habits and physical activity of adolescents.






    investigate the relationship with sociodemographic factors among Palestinian


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