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  • Friday, February 1, 2002
  • The effect of compositional variations on the glass-transition and crystallisation temperatures in Ge-Se-In glasses
  • Published at:Materials Science & Processing, Volume 74, Number 2 / February, 2002
  • The glass-transition (Tg) and crystallisation (Tx) temperatures of glassy GexSeyIn12 (7≤x≤28) have been determined from differential scanning calorimetry measurements. The variations of Tg and Tx with composition have been specified. It has been found that Tg reaches a maximum at 614 K for the composition Ge23.33 Se64.67 In12 while Tx passes through a minimum at 740 K for the same composition. The values of the cohesive energies of the studied compositions have also been estimated using the chemical bond approach method. It is found that the composition Ge23.33Se64.67In12 possesses the maximum cohesive energy. These results are explained in terms of the structure of Ge-Se-In glasses.


    Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing, Volume 74, Number 2 / February, 2002

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Ghassan Muhammad Saffarini, Professor of experimental physics, An-Najah National University
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