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  • Monday, June 1, 1998
  • Local environment of indium in Ge23.33Se64.67In12 chalcogenide glass
  • Published at:Materials Letters, Volume 35, Issues 5-6, June 1998, Pages 309-313
  • EXAFS measurements, from the In K edge, on Ge23.33Se64.67In12 glass, have been performed. For this glass, it is found that In is only coordinated with Se atoms. By complementing the EXAFS results obtained from the fitting procedure followed in this work with the earlier reported DSC results obtained on this system, it is concluded that in this glass, the coordination number of In is equal to three. Moreover, this approach of coupling EXAFS with DSC results allows one to calibrate the Γ factor for systems which lack a reference material, or systems for which an ab initio calculation cannot be performed, as in our case.


    Materials Letters, Volume 35, Issues 5-6, June 1998, Pages 309-313

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Ghassan Muhammad Saffarini, Professor of experimental physics, An-Najah National University
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