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  • Tuesday, June 1, 1999
  • Atomic Density versus Average Coordination Number in Ge-In-Se Glasses
  • Published at:physica status solidi (b), Volume 213 Issue 2, Pages 261 - 265
  • The variation of the atomic density with the average coordination number Z for glasses belonging to the GexIn6Se94 - x and GexIn12Se88 - x families of the Ge-In-Se system is investigated. The  -  Z dependence displays broad maxima at Z values of 2.42 and 2.58 for families with 6 and 12 at% In, respectively. These maxima are ascribed to changes from a floppy to a rigid type network and from a two-dimensional layered structure to a three-dimensional network, respectively. The minima exhibited in the  -  Z dependence at Z = 2.63 for the In6 family and at Z = 2.71 for the In12 family, corresponding to the tie-line compositions, are attributed to chemical ordering effects.


    physica status solidi (b), Volume 213 Issue 2, Pages 261 - 265

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Ghassan Muhammad Saffarini, Professor of experimental physics, An-Najah National University
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