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Radi Dauod
Research Area:
"1. Determination of levels of pollution in drinking, natural and sewage waters.
2. Developing simple methods for removing toxic metals from polluted water.
3. Developing methods for speciation studies of heavy metals in water.
4. Studying the adsorption of metals on container surfaces.
5. Studying kinetics of adsorption of metals on sediments, on suspended particles and on soil.
6. Studying the effects of polluted irrigation water on the growth and uptake of irrigated plants.
7. Using leaves for mitigating the harmful effects of acid rain.
9. Developing methods for the spectrophotometric determination of elements.
10. Determination of pollution levels of toxic heavy metals using bioindicators (snails and herbs)."
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Radi Dauod
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Please do not email me if you do not know me
Please do not e-mail me if you do not know me