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  • Friday, April 1, 1994
  • A role for decaying leaves in mitigating the harmful effects of acid rain: Effects of acidity, foreign ions, concentration of leaves and location
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  • Decaying leaves have been found capable of resisting the effects of acid rain via their ability to buffer water.

    In a previous study the buffering action of five common types of leaves (cypress, oak, pine, cinchona and ficus) was investigated. In the present study the effects of several factors on the buffering ability of these leaves have been studied. These factors are acidity, presence of foreign ions, concentration of leaves and location.

    The studied factors have been found not to affect the pattern of variation of pH of the leaf suspensions with time but to affect the pH value reached by these suspensions.

    Ficus leaves have shown a distinct copability of neutralizing acidic waters.
    Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, Volume 29, Issue 3 April 1994 , pages 467 - 475
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