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  • Friday, September 1, 1995
  • Effects of several factors on the growth and on the metal uptake distribution of pepper plants treated with cadmium
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  • Several factors affecting the growth and the metal uptake of pepper plants treated with cadmium solutions have been studied. These include concentration of cadmium, type of treatment, type of soil, plant species, and some properties of solutions used for treatment such as acidity, degree of salinity and temperature.

    Cadmium had an obvious effect on the growth of pepper plants. Foliar-treated plants were affected more than root-treated plants. The least degree of growth-inhibition and of cadmium uptake was found in plants grown in soils with high organic matter content. Various species of pepper plants acted very differently towards cadmium treatment. Both growth-inhibition and cadmium uptake was increased in plants treated with acidic, saline and hot solutions.
    Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, Volume 30, Issue 8 September 1995 , pages 1659 - 1684
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