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Ahmed Awad Amin Raba\' Associate Professor in TEFL Methods of Teaching Department Faculty of Education and Teacher Training

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  • Thursday, June 30, 2016
  • Effective teaching from an Najah National University M.A Student s’ perspectives
  • Published at:Journal of Languages and Culture
  • This study aimed at exploring effective teaching from An-Najah National University M.A. students’ perspectives. It also aimed at determining the role of the study variables (gender, accumulative average in BA and the school stage where they teach) in effective teaching from the same perspectives. To achieve these aims, the researchers used structured questionnaire of 21 items which were distributed among 30 TEFL majors (14 males and 16 females) that shape the sample of the study which was chosen randomly from all the MA TEFL majors. The study occurs during the first semester of the academic year 2014 – 2015. Respondents\' results indicate a moderate degree of effective teaching from An Najah National University M.A. TEFL students’ perspective with a percentage of 71.5%. Staff members who are imaginative, can do wonders in the English class whose ideas break monotony and make students participate lively in the class are considered the best. They can also teach any language skills interestingly and effectively as they can develop students\' creative self-expression. Based on these major findings, the researchers recommended the use of pedagogies that promote thinking and analytical skills and invite students to participate. Other comparative studies in more than one university along with considering other variables that are not included or considered by this research are also recommended.

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