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This Blog describes the Project "Improving e-learning at An-Najah national University through the Adoption of SCORM". The project is funded by the World Bank and the EU through the Quality Improbement Fund (QIF) projects.

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  • Monday, September 7, 2009
  • Summary of SCORM Project Outcomes
  • Improving the Quality of E-learning at An Najah University through the adoption Of the Sharable content Object reference model (SCORM) Raed Alqadi, Ph.D and Luai Malhis, PhD. In the year 2005, An-Najah National University has designed and implemented its own Learning Management System (LMS) called Online Course Container (OCC). The system has shown many advantages over other LMSs; of which is ease of use and ease of integration with other university software tools such as registration and administration programs. Therefore, An-Najah University wanted to continue to use this tool and improve on its capabilities to become compatible with well- known LMS tools such as Blackboard and MOODLE. In 2008, An-Najah sought the opportunity offered by the Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) to upgrade the system by making it SCORM compliant. Currently, all over the world, the SCORM standard is being applied to many e-learning courses so that any developed course based on SCORM standard can be hosted and delivered by any LMS system that adapts the standard. The project resulted in the following products: (1) An Elearning Management System that is SCORM 2004 complaint. This tool has many other features: user friendly interface, ability to setup discussion forums, build and deliver simple exams and monitor student learning progress and performance. In addition, host and deliver courses that are built according to SCORM 2004 standard or courses that do not apply any standard. (2) An Authoring tool that helps instructors to develop materials that are SCORM 2004 compliant. This tool is easy to use and is integrated with the LMS system. (3) Four pilot courses in the science and engineering fields are developed according to SCORM standards. The university encourages instructors to develop courses that are SCORM compliant. (4) Twelve additional previously developed e-learning courses have been transformed to become SCORM compliant. The tools will be used by instructors and students of An-Najah National University starting the academic year 2009/2010. The project team has trained two university full time employees to mange and administers the tools. The university administration is committed to provide any means necessary to maintain and improve the system in the future. The system will be the corner stone of elearning at An-Najah University. In addition, The University is strongly encourages instructors and students to use the system in their learning and teaching activities.
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SCORM Project
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