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  • Friday, January 1, 1988
  • The Role of Solvent on the Kinetics and Mechanism of the Hydrolysis of Slicylidene BenzoylHydrazone
  • Published at:An-Najah. J. Res., Jan. 1988, Sec. 11, Vol.1, No.5, 28—34.
  • The effect of various solvents on the kinetics and mechanism of the hydrolysis of Salicylidanebenzoyl hydrazone (SBH) has been studied at five different temperatures (17—45 C) using U.V. and visible spectrophotometry. In both protic and aprotic solvents, the hydrolysis rates follows first order kinetics. The role of solvent on the reaction rate, thermodynamic parameters and mechanism have been reported and discussed.

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Maher Abdel Razzak Abu-Eid Natsheh
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