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Maher Abdel Razzak Abu-Eid Natsheh


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  • Saturday, January 1, 1994
  • Polymerization of 4-Methylpentene -1- by the MgCl2|Eb|TiCl4|Al(iBu)3 Catalyst System 1. Kinetic Investigations
  • Published at:An-Najah. J. Res., Vol II, No. 8 (1994)
  • The kinetics of the polymerization of 4-methylpentcne-1- with the MgC12|EB|Ticl4|Al(iBu)3 catalyst systems have been investigated. The conditions and requirements to achieve the highest activity and stereospecificity of the MgC12-supported catalyst systems were discussed. Moreover, the role of aluminum alkyl and ethyl benzoate on the activity and stereo-regularity of the polymers have been reported.

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Maher Abdel Razzak Abu-Eid Natsheh
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