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  • Friday, March 1, 1996
  • Environmental Heat Stress Does Not Reduce Blood Ionized Calcium Concentration in Hens Acclimated to Elevated Temperatures
  • Published at: Poultry Science
  • Changes in blood concentrations of ionized calcium and total calcium were measured in broiler breeder hens (42 wk old) relative to egg cycle and environmental temperatures. Two environmental temperature treatments were used: 1) temperature cycled daily from a low of 10 C at 0300 h to a high of 25 C at 1600 h; and 2) temperature cycled from a low of 21 C at 0300 h to a high of 39 C at 1600 h. Serial blood samples  were  collected  from  five   laying  hens   per temperature treatment via cutaneous ulnar vein cannula beginning at the time of oviposition and every 4 h thereafter until the next oviposition. Neither blood concentration of ionized calcium nor total plasma calcium was affected by temperature. Results suggest that the supply of calcium available in blood for shell deposition is not diminished in hens acclimated to high environmental temperatures.

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