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  • Sunday, February 15, 2009
  • Effect of Light Stimulation and Body Weight on Reproductive Performance of Broiler Breeder Hens
  • Published at: Dirasat/The University Of Jordan
  • An experiment with broiler breeder pullets was undertaken to determine the effect of pattern of light stimulation and pullets body weight at 20 wk of age on various production parameters, body weight and age at onset of lay. Two light stimulation treatments were used: abrupt (ALS) and step-up (SLS). Pullets were randomly assigned to one of three body weight groups: low weight (1800 g), medium weight (2200 g), or heavy weight (2600 g) at 20 wk of age. The results obtained indicated that pattern of light stimulation and weight at 20 wk did not markedly affect egg production, however, pullets exposed to SLS or ALS produced the lightest eggs. A numerical advancement occurred in age at first egg due to SLS. Significant weight gain occurred in low weight pullets due to SLS. The results of this experiment indicated that SLS of low weight broiler breeder pullets represents a viable means for Increasing weight gain and advancing onset of egg laying.

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