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  • Tuesday, January 5, 2010
  • Pristine and supported ZnO-based catalysts for phenazopyridine degradation with direct solar light
  • Published at:Solid State Sciences 12 (2010) 578-586


    Hikmat S. Hilal,


    Ghazi Y.M. Al-Nour, Ahed Zyoud, Muath H. Helal, Iyad Saadeddin


    In search for safe techniques to manage waste pharmaceutical compounds drained in water, solar-driven

    degradation of phenazopyridine (a model drug) was investigated in aqueous media using different ZnObased

    catalyst systems. Naked ZnO, CdS-sensitized ZnO (ZnO/CdS) and activated carbon-supported ZnO

    (AC/ZnO) have been studied. Both naked ZnO and AC/ZnO were highly efficient in mineralizing phenazopyridine,

    reaching complete removal in




    50 min, with AC/ZnO having the higher edge. The ZnO/CdS

    system showed lower efficiency, due to screening of light by CdS. Moreover, the tendency of CdS to leach

    out Cd




    ions discouraged the use of CdS as sensitizer in this work. In both ZnO and AC/ZnO systems, the


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