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My Research Interests: 1) Genetic Diseases 2)Drug development against parasitic diseases based on molecular and biochemical techniques


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Ayman Hussein, Associate Professor
Doctorate in Biochemistry of Parasites
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University of Hamburg, Ph.D.
Research Area:
1) Genetic Diseases in Palestine
2) Drug develpment against parasitic diseases using molecular and biochemical techniques
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1. Hussein, AS. and Walter RD. (1995) Inhibition of glutathione synthesis as a chemotherapeutic strategy for nematode infections. Biol. Chem. 376, S110.

2. Hussein, AS., Liebau, E., Helmond, C. and Walter, RD. (1995) Effect of buthionine-SR-sulfoximine and cystamine on gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase: An approach for drug design against onchocerciasis and other nematode infections. European Conference on Tropical Medicine. P86.

3. Hussein, AS. Chacon, MR., Smith, AM. and Selkirk, ME (1999). Expression and properties of secreted acetylcholinesterase from Nippostrongylus brasiliensis. British Society for Parasitology. 8-11th April, PP 121.
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Ayman Hussein, Associate Professor
Biochemistry of Parasites
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Please do not e-mail me if you do not know me