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Professor Sami M. AL-Jaber - Physics Department

Editorial Board member of Journal of Modern Physics (JMP). Recipient of PFDP Teaching Excellence Award 2010.

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  • Monday, June 10, 2002
  • Some aspects of an infinite N-dimensional spherical potential well
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  • Abstract: We consider the solution of Schrodinger equation in N dimensions for the infinite N-dimensional spherical potential well. Some aspects of the radial part and the angular part of the wave function are presented and discussed. In particular, the effective potential, orthonormality, energy eigenvalues and the degeneracy are investigated. Thus the role of the topological structure of the configuration space of a physical system on the quantum nature of the system is emphasized.

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Sami Mohammad Jaber
Theoretical Physics
Professor, Theoretical Physics, Physics Department, AN-Najah National UniversityNablus, Palestine.
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