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  • Thursday, July 11, 1996
  • Estimation of Wastes Produced by Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Poultry and its Reuse in the West Bank
  • Published at:Islamic univ
  • Quantities of wastes produced by cattle, sheep, goats and p ml try in the West Bank during the period 1985-1993 were estimate. . These wastes include methane emitted to the atmosphere directly by mimals or resulted from manure fermentation, and animals solid waste-. The amounts of methane gas produced by cattle, sheep and goats were estimated at 66.5 and 179 million m3 for the years 1993 and 2000. respectively.




    Solid wastes produced by all animals were estimated at 1.24 and 2.85 million tons for the years 1993 and 2000 . respectively. Recommendations and suggestions for the reuse of animal wastes are provided in this study

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Jamal Mohmmed Salim Abu- Omar
Professor, Animal sciences (Ruminant Nutrition)
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