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  • Thursday, August 19, 2010
  • Effects of different strategies of protein feedings on performance and visceral organ mass of Awassi lambs


    This study was conducted to investigate the effect of different crude protein (CP) feeding strategies on the general performance, feed intake and visceral organs weights of Awassi lambs. Forty eight male Awassi lambs were used in this experiment. Lambs were divided into four experimental groups with twelve lambs in each. Lambs were fed individually and each was considered as a replicate. Lambs in groups 1, 2 and 3 were fed with 120, 160 and 180 g/kg CP diets, respectively. However, lambs in group 4 were fed with a diet of a decreasing level of protein starting from 200 g/kg for the first month then a 20 g/kg CP reduction/ month for the following three months. At the end of the feeding trial, five lambs from each replicate were killed for the visceral organs investigation. Results showed that body weight gain in lambs was the same among protein levels in the first 6 weeks of feeding. After that, lambs on the decreasing level of protein had more (P<0.05) total weight gain compared to other treatments. A similar trend was observed regarding feed intake. Lambs on the decreasing protein diet consumed more feed (P<0.05) compared to lambs in other groups. Levels of protein had variable effects on the visceral organs mass. The cost of gain was the best (P<0.05) in lambs fed with the decreasing level of protein.


    Key words: Awassi lambs, average daily gain, feed conversion ratio, visceral organs, economic value

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