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  • Thursday, March 12, 2009
  • Physical Vapor Deposition of Hydrogen Storage Alloys and Their Charecterestics as Metal Hydrides Electrodes
  • Published at:Taibah Journal of Science
  • A new method of preparing thin film metal-hydride elec­trodes for metal-hydride batteries is described. The method consists of simultaneous deposition of multi-component metal­lic species onto a substrate while bombarding the growing, de­posited thin film electrode with a low energy hydrogen ion beam. An amorphous LaNi4 hydride thin film electrode has been pre­pared by this Hydrogen Ion Beam Assisted Deposition (HIBAD) technique. The electrochemical discharge capacity and cycle life of this electrode in a 6 M KOH solution surpass previously re­ported values for La-Ni thin film electrodes prepared by other deposition methods.

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Shehdeh W. Jodeh
Physical Chemistry
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