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Rafe Ahmad Tawfeeq Abo-Zait
Master in Methods of Teaching English
Martial Status:
September 26, 1965
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An-Najah National University
Research Area:
a. “The Role of Public Relations in Affecting the Individuals Images”, An-Najah Newsletter, No. 66, October 2001 (in Arabic).

b. “The Role of Public Relations Department at An-Najah National University”, An-Najah Newsletter, No. 65, January 2000 (in Arabic).

c. “The Effect of Question’s Types and Levels on Students Academic Achievement”. Master Thesis. Nablus, 1997.(in English).

d. “The Effect of Nursery Schools on First Elementary Governmental Students”. Nablus, 1996. (in Arabic).
Attended Conferences:
March 12, 2007: Presenting a paper on “ Arab Universities and its Role in Providing the Society with Qualified Graduates: An-Najah University as an Example”, Conference on “ Cooperation between Universities and the Private Sector in the Area of Training and Job Opportunity” faculty of Commerce, Zaitona University, Jordan.

September 10, 2006: Presenting a paper on "Measures Taken by the Institutions in Holding Job Interviews", at the Workshop: Holding Job Interviews; held by An-Najah Career Unit, An-Najah National University, Nablus, West Bank.

November 20-23, 2005: Presenting a paper on "The Role of Universities in Developing and Building the Society: An-Najah National University as an Example" conference on “The Role of Society in Developing the State”, African University Ahmad Deraya, Adrar, Algeria, November 20-23, 2005

April 19, 2005: Presenting a paper on " The Relationship between the Director and the Employee, and among the Employees themselves, and the Relationship between the PR Office and Media", The International Centre for Culture and Public Relations in Jerusalem, Te: 02 2791260, Al-Qasser Hotel, Nablus

May4-5, 2004: Presenting a paper on "the Role of Public Relations at the Institutions", Conference on "Public Relations in the Arab World: in the Age of Globalization: Current Realities and Future Prospects, College of Communication, Asharjah University, United Arab Emirates., E-mail: [email protected] tel: 00971 6 5050 695/699

May 15-18, 2001: Conducting an exhibition on the role of universities in the society in Amman.

January 22-25, 2004: Heading a delegation from An-Najah University to participate at Academia Syria International Exhibition for higher Education, Training, and Recruitment, Meridian Hotel hall, Damascus, Syria, Tel. 00963 11 333 0505, E-mail: [email protected],


Rafe Ahmad Tawfeeq Abo-Zait
Methods of Teaching English
Director of An-Najah Alumni Association since September 2005. Director and Acting Director of the Public Relations Dept. at the University for several years. English and PR instructor.
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Please do not e-mail me if you do not know me