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Najeh S. Tamim

Associate Professor of Surveying and GIS

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  • Tuesday, April 1, 2003
  • Surveying for Civil Engineers, First Edition
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  •             This book aims to provide the reader with a concise modern book on surveying principles, techniques and equipment.  Many books around the world have been written which deal with the subject of surveying; however, two main factors have given me the motivation to add another book to the library.  First, the need to re-present the material in a way that copes better with the recent developments in surveying instrumentation and computer technology.  In addition, new techniques, which do not exist in the previous books, have been developed and presented in this book.  Secondly, the need to provide the surveying and civil engineering students at the Palestinian universities (mainly An-Najah National University), as well as, the surveyors and engineers with an accessible inexpensive surveying book which is more oriented towards the surveying problems and practices in Palestine.

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Najeh Sadiq Abed Tamim
Surveying, GIS
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