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  • Thursday, October 13, 2005
  • 3-dimensional mapping of a landslide in Nablus City,Palestine:a preliminary risk assessment
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  • Abstract

    The com plex nature of m any landslides nece ssitates the need f or in vestigating their

    characteristics.It beco mes i mportant that the internal stru cture of the landslid e and its

    surrounding environm ent be determ ined in order to facilitate reliable stability analyses

    and risk m itigation.M odels of lan dslide st ructure have tradition ally b een cons tructed

    based on geomorphic observations with the aid of subsurface data obtained by boreholes,

    excavations and when possible by geophysical surveys.A landslide located on the White

    Mountain in Nablus city ,Palestine is used as a case study to dem onstrate the u tility of a

    geophysical approach to subsurface mapping of unstable slopes.A total of 960 m profiles

    were collected using Seism ic refraction m ethod.Seismic data were interpreted based on

    stratigraphic and geom orphologic observations,a nd then integrated into a 3-dim entional

    model constrained with geologic data from 10 boreholes penetrat ed the landslide and

    adjacent terrain.Su rfaces of ruptu re and separation were succes sfully iden tified by

    seismic refraction techniques which was effective for resolving stratigraphic relationships

    between units to a m aximum depth of 35 m .The lands lide is also analyzed us ing

    PCTANI &GALENA V3 software to put the various classes of parameters in order of its

    significance to the p rocess of lands liding (land slide suscep tibility m apping)and w eigh

    the impact of one parameter against another.The results of this study describe the slop-instability

    processes and geological hazards affecting the housing on the White Mountain

    and the surrounding urban areas.

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