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  • Monday, January 1, 2007
  • Free transverse vibrations of a triple-beam system
  • Published at:Journal of Mechanical Engineering

    2007 Journal of Mechanical Engineering 58,30-50


    In this paper, the free vibration of an undamped triple-beam system on

    elastic foundation is analysed. The system consists of three Euler-Bernoulli

    beams of the same length that are arranged in parallel and continuously connected

    by elastic layers. The natural frequencies and the mode shapes of the

    system are determined. Furthermore, the initial value problem is solved to find

    the time-dependent free vibrations of the beams. Using a numerical example,

    the effects of the layer stiffnesses and those of the masses of the beams per

    unit length on the natural frequencies and the mode shapes are investigated in


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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mohammed Abu-Hilal
Applied Mechanics, Mechanical Vibration
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