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  • Friday, January 1, 1999
  • Comparison Between Simple Absorber and Absorber with 2 Degrees of Freedom to Reduce Vibrations of a 2 Degrees of Freedom System (in Arabic)
  • Published at:Dirasat, Engineering Sciences 26, No. 2,(1999), 321-336.
  •  In this paper vibration absorbers with one and two degrees of freedom are applied to reduce the vibrations of a system with two degrees of freedom. Several concepts are used. The solution is done numerically. The results are given in the form of frequency responses. These results are discussed and compared with each other. Recommendations to the design of vibration absorbers are given. The vibrations of the studded system are reduced noticeably by using of absorbers. Dependent on the selected damping value, the obtained amplitudes at the working frequency vary between zero and 90% of the amplitude of the original system. By using of two absorber in parallel, the obtained amplitudes at the first natural frequency of the original system vary between 44% and 66% of the amplitudes of the original system.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mohammed Abu-Hilal
Applied Mechanics, Mechanical Vibration
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