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  • Tuesday, May 1, 2007
  • Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of new N-methyl-N-(2-pyridyl) aromatic and heteroaromatic hydrazones
  • Published at:ASIAN JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY Volume: 19 Issue: 3 Pages: 1658-1666 Published: MAY-JUN 2007
  • Aromatic and heteroaromatic N-methyl-N-(2-pyridyl)-hydrazones 3a-f were synthesized and characterized by elemental analyses, and spectral data. H-1, C-13 NMR and mass spectra supported the formation. of the E-isomer. N-Methyl-N-(2-pyridyl)hydrazone carboxaldehydes can be readily characterized by mass spectrometry. The new hydrazones 3a-h have been screened for antimicrobial activity.

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Foad Mustafa Sabri Mahmoud
Organometallic Chemistry
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